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Simple Solutions for Complex Challenges

As Nexcom moves into our third decade of serving the construction, field service, and manufacturing industries, we seek to expand into new areas of technology. Creative Automation was established to consolidate the existing brands under one structure and to provide capital and additional resources to our startup brands. From the beginning, Nexcom became widely known for its exceptional customer service and superior software. Our intention is for the Creative Automation brand to embody the same ideals while providing new opportunities, including direct-to-consumer products and scaled logistics to organizations looking for a quality technology partner.

At Creative Automation, we don’t just say we are diverse; it is through diversity that we are able to always practice, occasionally fail, and ultimately succeed. We do not practice greenwashing and claim to care about the environment; we build products that quantifiably disrupt the use of carbon, plastic, and rare metals for a cleaner planet.

Our company is run as a flat organization with few titles. The organizational miscues caused by layers of management have been removed here. The company supports independent thinkers in order to achieve a better employee and customer experience.

We do things unconventionally here, like sending developers to ride along with technicians in an effort to understand what they see. We provide developers with access to EVs so that they may better understand the concerns of the EV owner. We will do anything (within reason) that provides a better experience using our products...why else would we work in technology?

Creative Automation is a place where companies are born and can operate over the long term, but it is not a place for complacency. Our standards are high for ourselves, our suppliers, and for all who use our products. We seek to align ourselves and our clients to promote human welfare and stewardship while achieving excellence in the workplace. Our objective in every facet of business is to treat others as we would want to be treated.

We are excited about....

  • Taking the long view;
  • Simplifying your technology stack;
  • Democratizing the EV charging landscape;
  • Adding hours of productivity to the field service technician;
  • Eliminating downtime;
  • Saving our customers millions in wireless costs;
  • Delivering technology logistics at scale;
  • Building your business with our SaaS brands;
  • Creating great tech experiences for all.